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Octane Fitness XT-One Cross Trainer Standing Elliptical (Refurbished)

Octane Fitness XT-One Cross Trainer Standing Elliptical (Refurbished)

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Benefits of an Elliptical

Condition: Refurbished

The Octane Fitness XT-One Cross Trainer offers versatile, full-body workouts for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. With its adjustable stride length and incline settings, this machine allows you to switch easily between walking, running, and climbing motions, engaging different muscle groups and boosting the intensity as needed. The Octane Fitness XT-One comes with multiple pre-programmed workouts and resistance levels, making it suitable for a wide range of fitness goals, from weight loss to endurance training.

Muscle Groups: Full Body

Exercises: Walking, Running, Climbing


  • Adjustable Stride Length and Incline: Customize your workouts to target different muscles and increase intensity.
  • Multiple Workout Programs: Pre-set workouts help guide your training and keep you motivated.
  • High Resistance Levels: Increase the resistance to challenge your endurance and strength.
  • Full Body Engagement: Use the movable handlebars to engage your upper body, creating a balanced, full-body workout.
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: The machine is designed to reduce strain on the joints, making workouts more comfortable and efficient.


Machine Weight: 300 lbs

Machine Dimensions: L 81“ x W 32" x H 65“

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