CTX Home Gyms Product Warranties

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  • New & New Open-Box

    New Equipment comes with a comprehensive 1-year Parts and Labor Warranty*. This warranty safeguards against any mechanical failure not associated with inadequate preventative maintenance that may occur during the first year of ownership. The cost of both the part and the labor for replacement are covered by CTX Home Gyms, ensuring a worry-free experience and providing you with peace of mind in your investment.

  • Refurbished

    Our Refurbished units are refurbished to be in a condition as close to factory as possible. Our refurbished machines are covered with a comprehensive 180-Day Parts and Labor Warranty*.  This warranty covers any mechanical failure not related to preventative maintenance measures that may occur within the first 180 days of ownership. The cost of the part and the labor to replace are covered by CTX Home Gyms.

  • Used

    While our "Used" equipment is fully functional, we do not refurbish these units, and therefore cannot provide warranties for this condition. "Used" equipment offers an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality commercial gym equipment for your home or gym at significant discounts. For added assurance and protection on your investment, we recommend considering "New" or "Refurbished" equipment.

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*Warranty reimbursement may be denied for failures attributed to inadequate care or insufficient preventative maintenance of the machine. New owners are expected to properly maintain and clean their equipment to ensure continued performance and longevity.

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