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  • At the heart of Round Rock, Texas, Iron Forge Gym stands as a beacon of fitness and community. Founded during the dynamic Camp Knut—a 30-day fitness challenge initiated by the influential Twitch streamer and bodybuilder, Knut—the gym blossomed from a spirited partnership among Knut, Mizkif, and Rob. Mizkif, celebrated for his vibrant online presence, brought visibility and a fresh burst of energy, transforming the challenge into a communal fitness revolution.

    As their camaraderie solidified, the trio envisioned a permanent space that would extend the ethos of Camp Knut to a broader audience. Iron Forge Gym rapidly evolved into a hub for fitness enthusiasts and streamers alike, promoting an amalgamation of gaming culture and rigorous physical training. This unique blend has fostered an unparalleled fitness haven that prioritizes community building and fitness excellence.

  • From its inception, Iron Forge Gym recognized the need for top-tier equipment to match their ambitious vision. The choice to partner with CTX Home Gyms was a natural one, deeply rooted in a longstanding friendship and mutual respect between Rob, the gym’s co-founder, and Dillon, the owner of CTX Home Gyms. Their connection dates back to their bodybuilding days, with Rob having mentored Dillon early in his career. This mentorship blossomed into admiration for Dillon’s relentless work ethic and his knack for turning challenges into opportunities.

    Choosing CTX Home Gyms enabled Iron Forge Gym to equip its facility with the finest commercial gym equipment, without compromising on quality or financial feasibility. The process was seamless, reflecting CTX’s commitment to empowering fitness journeys with affordability and exceptional customer care.

  • Now, just over 60 days since opening, Iron Forge Gym is thriving, a testament to its founders' vision and the solid foundation provided by CTX Home Gyms. The gym continues to grow, drawing fitness buffs and gamers alike into a vibrant community where every workout is a shared victory.

    At CTX Home Gyms, we are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in the truest sense, dedicated to the success of gyms like Iron Forge. We take pride in knowing that our equipment plays a pivotal role in helping gyms achieve their dreams of bringing people together and pushing the boundaries of what a fitness community can achieve.

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  • Dive into the journey of building a dream gym in Boerne, Texas, with CTX Home Gyms.

    Every fitness enthusiast reaches a point where they dream of creating their own gym space. It's not just about having the right equipment; it's about making that space a reality within a budget. 🤔💭 In this video, join one such journey where dreams meet affordability and quality.

    🔍 Our clients Finn & PJ had a specific budget and a vision for the best fitness equipment. The search led them to CTX Home Gyms, where the variety of options, including new, refurbished, and top-notch equipment, awaited.

  • Explore our massive shop through the eyes of our client. From a vast selection to constantly arriving new gear, we’ve got it all. Dillon, our gym guru, was hands-on in recommending the perfect fits, keeping in mind both desires and budget.

    💸 The deal? More than just numbers. It was about value, including freight charges for a hassle-free experience. After all, we believe moving a gym shouldn’t be a tougher workout than using it!

    Hear firsthand the satisfaction and trust built with CTX. From seamless communication to understanding the unique fitness vision, it’s all here. We’re not just selling equipment; we’re building relationships and fitness dreams.

  • Fast, efficient, and totally satisfying – the CTX experience is one our client swears by. With plans to expand and evolve their gym, CTX remains their go-to. Because once you’re with CTX, you’re family. 🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    🎥 Watch the transformation, feel the excitement, and get inspired for your gym journey. And remember, at CTX, we’re more than just equipment; we’re your partners in fitness and dreams. ✨🏆

    Ready to build your dream gym? Reach out to us, and let’s make it happen!

  • Tom Brautigan, the charismatic CEO of Point Fitness in Temple, Texas, takes us on an inspiring journey, transforming years of dreams and planning into a thriving gym. His lifelong commitment to fitness began at age 12 after a devastating accident. This early adversity led Tom to a weight set and eventually a degree in Exercise Science. Retiring from the military in 2015, he's carried his passion for fitness around the globe, culminating in the creation of Point Fitness. His motto "Get Fit. Stay Fit." is not just a tagline; it's the narrative of his life.

  • Tom's enthusiasm for fitness and for helping others is infectious, making him an absolute joy to be around. The attention to detail and the customer-focused partnership with CTX Home Gyms have allowed him to create a gym that he describes as "more than a fitness center, it’s a lifestyle." It's the fruit of a well-laid-out vision, fueled by dreams, determination, and two-plus years of strategic planning. Tom praises the exceptional service from Dillon at CTX, emphasizing the peace of mind he gained from having a reliable local partner for his gym's equipment needs.

  • CTX Home Gyms is proud to be part of Tom’s journey, an awe-inspiring story of resilience, passion, and commitment to community fitness. We're delighted to have contributed to Point Fitness’s success, a testament to the transformative power of dreams when backed by strategic planning and excellent partnerships. We extend our deepest thanks to Tom for choosing us to be a part of this incredible venture and look forward to supporting Point Fitness as it continues to serve its community. For aspiring fitness entrepreneurs, Tom's journey offers invaluable insights into the sweat, smiles, and strategies that make a commercial gym venture successful.

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  • Join Marina and Harrison as they embark on an exciting journey to make their gym ownership dreams a reality!

  • From sunny Orlando to the vibrant heart of Austin, they chose CTX's Matrix Gym Package, and we were there every step of the way.

  • With over 200 top-quality pieces, they're ready to bring passion and dedication to their community's fitness journey. Watch as they share their experience, aspirations, and why CTX was their perfect partner in fitness.

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  • Meet Tommy and Cessy Evans, the dynamic duo behind Evans Elite Performance Training, a groundbreaking facility in Houston, Texas. Frustrated by the lack of specialized training programs for their three athletic daughters, the Evanses are focusing their new venture primarily on young female athletes. They noticed a gap in the market where girls were often overlooked or lumped into training programs designed for boys. Tommy and Cessy are determined to change that narrative by offering specialized, comprehensive training to help young girls become faster, stronger, and more athletic.

  • Their collaboration with CTX Home Gyms has been a crucial part of making their dream a reality. On two separate trips to CTX's showroom in Jarrell, Texas, they handpicked a selection of equipment perfectly suited for their specific training needs. From leg presses to treadmills and versa climbers, each piece of equipment was chosen to fit their unique program design. They are thrilled with the quality and variety CTX has provided, and as their facility grows, they plan to continue their partnership to fulfill additional equipment needs.

  • Tommy and Cessy's story is more than just a tale of entrepreneurship; it's a vision coming to life after nearly 15 years of dreaming. As they finally realize their goal of owning a business, they remain incredibly thankful and are already eyeing the future. With the help of CTX Home Gyms, Evans Elite Performance Training is set to redefine how young women approach athletic training, while filling a much-needed niche in the sports and fitness world.

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  • Meet Shane, the powerhouse behind Southlake's very own Well Fit Studio in Texas. 🏋️💪 Shane's vision wasn't just about opening a gym; it was about creating a sanctuary for health and wellness.

    His selection of over 20 top-notch pieces from CTX, including the versatile Life Fitness strength circuit and Octane Fitness air bike, ensures everyone's fitness needs are covered.

  • From individualized personal training to invigorating team training sessions, Well Fit Studio offers more than just a workout - it's a life-changing experience. Shane's commitment to his community shines through his choice of commercial-quality equipment, even incorporating advanced technologies like infrared dry saunas! 🧖‍♂️

  • Shane's passion for fitness resonates in every corner of his studio. From the warm welcome to the personalized programs, his dedication is palpable. We're honored to support Shane's dream of making fitness accessible, fun, and innovative. It's real people like Shane that make CTX's mission come to life.

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  • Lift ATX is more than just a gym; it's a cornerstone for community building and empowerment, situated right in the heart of East Austin. Founded by Daniel Hinojosa, a 20-year resident of East Austin, the gym serves as an inclusive, welcoming space that goes beyond promoting health and wellness. Whether it's featuring local artists, hosting community-centric events, or shining a spotlight on local vendors, Lift ATX is dedicated to enriching the very community that it calls home. And let's not forget—it's a haven for dog lovers too!

  • When it came to equipping their facility, Lift ATX partnered with CTX Home Gyms to ensure that they were offering top-of-the-line equipment suitable for everyone—from those just starting their fitness journey to seasoned powerlifters. The gym has an ever-growing collection of equipment designed to cater to the diverse fitness goals of its members. As Lift ATX broadens its service offerings and expands its community impact, CTX stands beside them, continually providing the best in fitness equipment and expertise.

  • This partnership highlights CTX Home Gyms' commitment to aiding local gyms like Lift ATX in achieving their broader community goals. While Lift ATX focuses on building and sustaining a strong, vibrant community, CTX ensures they have the reliable, high-quality equipment needed to do so. Hear from the management team at Lift ATX as they delve into their positive experience with CTX Home Gyms.

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