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True Fitness PS100 Treadmill (Used)

True Fitness PS100 Treadmill (Used)

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Condition: Used

Step up your cardio routine with the True Fitness PS100 Treadmill. This high-performance treadmill is designed to deliver a superior cardio workout with its high-quality design and advanced features. From its sturdy construction to its user-friendly interface, the PS100 is a fantastic choice for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners.

Muscle Groups: Lower Body

Exercises: Walking, Jogging, Running

Key Features:

  • Reliable Performance: The True Fitness PS100 Treadmill provides a smooth and consistent running experience with its reliable motor and high-grade belt.
  • Advanced Console: It features an advanced console that displays crucial workout data like distance, speed, time, and calories burned, helping users track their progress.
  • Safety Measures: With its emergency stop function and easy-to-reach handrails, this treadmill ensures user safety during intense workout sessions.
  • Customizable Workouts: It allows users to customize their workouts with multiple speed and incline options, suiting both beginners and advanced athletes.
  • Speed Range: 0.5 to 12.0 MPH
  • Incline/Decline: 0%-15%
  • Power Source: 120V/15A
  • Contact Heart Rate Monitoring


  • Machine Weight: 297 LBS
  • Machine Dimensions: W 32" x L 79" x H 60"
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