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Precor TRM 781 Treadmill w/ P82 Console *Package of 5* (Used)

Precor TRM 781 Treadmill w/ P82 Console *Package of 5* (Used)

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The Precor TRM 781 Treadmill with P82 Console is a versatile and high-performance treadmill designed to deliver an exceptional workout experience. This package includes a set of five TRM 781 treadmills, making it an ideal solution for startup personal trainers, gym owners, or anyone looking to equip their fitness facility with top-of-the-line treadmills.

Key Features:

  1. P82 Console: The P82 console offers a brilliant 15" touch screen display, providing exercisers with a user-friendly interface to access various workout programs and entertainment options.

  2. Commercial-Grade Construction: The TRM 781 treadmill is built with commercial-grade materials to withstand the demands of high-traffic fitness environments. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

  3. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a powerful motor, the treadmill provides smooth and reliable operation, accommodating users of all fitness levels.

  4. Ground Effects® Impact Control System: The patented Ground Effects® Impact Control System reduces joint stress and provides a cushioned feel, minimizing the impact on joints during running or walking.

  5. Adaptive Running Surface (ARS): The TRM 781 features an Adaptive Running Surface that adjusts to user footfalls, providing a comfortable and stable running experience.

  6. Pre-Set Workouts: The treadmill offers a variety of pre-set workout programs, catering to different fitness goals and preferences. These programs keep workouts engaging and effective.

  7. Customizable Workouts: Exercisers can create and save custom workouts tailored to their specific needs, allowing for personalized fitness routines.

  8. Heart Rate Monitoring: The P82 console supports heart rate monitoring through Polar Telemetry (optional chest strap required) or touch heart rate sensors, helping users stay in their target heart rate zones for effective workouts.

  9. Accessory Holders: The treadmill comes with accessory holders, providing convenient storage for water bottles, smartphones, or other personal items.

  10. Safety Features: Safety features like the integrated stop button and contactless emergency stop enhance user safety during workouts.

The Precor TRM 781 Treadmill Package with P82 Console (5 treadmills) offers a comprehensive cardio solution for fitness facilities, ensuring top-quality performance and user satisfaction. Whether you are a startup personal trainer, gym owner, or someone setting up a home gym, this treadmill package provides a professional-grade fitness experience.

Available in Black, Precor Blue, or combo of the two! Call 512-781-1416 with questions about shipping!

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