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Precor Discovery Series Squat Machine (Refurbished)

Precor Discovery Series Squat Machine (Refurbished)

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Condition: Refurbished

The Precor Discovery Series Squat Machine is a superior strength training machine designed for serious lifters. Offering a secure and effective platform for performing squats, it enables users to build power and strength in their lower body, particularly targeting the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Muscle Groups: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes

Exercises: Squats

Key Features:

  • The Discovery Series Squat Machine features an ergonomic design that mirrors the body’s natural movement, ensuring correct form and a highly effective workout.
  • It comes with a large footplate which increases the variety of possible exercises.
  • Adjustable shoulder pads allow users of different heights to use the machine comfortably and safely.
  • Built for durability and stability, the machine features robust construction and high-quality components.


  • Machine Weight: 610 lbs
  • Machine Dimensions: L 77" x W 61" x H 61"
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